Monday, October 20, 2008


I not a big television fan. When the TV is on it's usually when I'm doing something like getting ready so I have on the History Channel...or something like that. But we always seem to have one show per week that we watch and right now it's "Heroes."

We started watching it last year and it's been pretty fun. The characters and their powers are very diverse. Some have multiple powers.

It's starting to get pretty confusing now but I'll keep watching it for a fun family diversion from the reality of Boulder!

Tomorrow it's back to real estate.

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Lunch at Breadworks

I had a great Sunday lunch with my daughter at BreadWorks on Broadway. She was down from CSU for the day so we took advantage of her being in town to grab a bite to eat.

If you haven't been to BreadWorks, you should check it out. They have expanded their location and it is huge! They have everything there...soups, entrees, pizza, salads and of course, great bread. I grabbed a focaccia roll to go with my soup and dipped it the olive oil they have available. It was fantastic. Shannon had a slice of the mushroom pizza and she loved it. I believe they use all natural ingredients in their preparations and organic whenever possible. It is definitely a healthy place to eat. They always seem to have a good crowd there. I think that says something about the food.

Ready for dessert? They have a pastry selection second to none. I'm not sure how healthy that is... so everything in moderation!

Check out Breadworks at the North Broadway Shopping Center near Moe's Bagels and Vic's Espresso. I know you'll like it.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring in Boulder

Man you gotta love spring in Boulder. It must have been 75 degrees here today and the sun didn't even come out until 4 o'clock. The grass is getting green and the trees have all their buds. Some of them are even flowering. Does anyone know what kind of trees have the white and the pink flowers on them? Beautiful!

Time to get out the bikes and wash off the winter dust. We'll be doing our regular 7 mile ride into Vic's for a mocha latte. Then it's mostly downhill on the ride least it seems that way. Maybe it's the caffeine!

If you're lucky enough to live in the Boulder area, I hope you get out soon and enjoy the springtime!

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Boulder dining info: The Med

Thought I'd share some info about a great restaurant in Boulder: The Med

The staff and atmosphere are first-rate.

Starting with the appetizers, I've tried:
Datiles Con Tocino (excellent!)
Muestreo (excellent!)
Ajo Asado (excellent!)
Salmon Curado Con Tostadas (very good)
Tartare De Atun (very good)

I would also recommend the Petto Di Pollo Al Marsala (very good)

They have an excellent wine list and many more dishes to try!

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Your Boulder real estate and relocation expert: Brian Hellwig!

I've purchased 2 homes and sold 1 home through Brian Hellwig. I have to say, he's the most professional and patient agent we've ever worked with! We must have had him show us about 75 different homes when we were looking for our first home in the Boulder area, and he took it all in stride. If you know someone looking for a home in the Boulder area (whether relocation, or just for a different home), I would highly recommend Brian.

For those wanting to know more about Brian, here's a little bio from

Brian Hellwig has been a Boulder resident for over 40 years (he grew up here so he knows all the neighborhoods), and has over 19 years continuous experience as a licensed Realtor working full time in all areas of Boulder County.

He has been a member of the Boulder Board of Realtors since 1988, and has consistently been one of Boulders top producing Realtors. He is the recipient of the RE/MAX Prestigious Platinum Club Award and International 100% Award. He has been married for 25 years. He and his wife have two children, ages 19 and 17.

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